What if you could get rid of tender, achy morning-after-workout muscles simply by rolling them away? Foam rolling, that is. The new fitness craze used by everyone from Christina Aguilera to Ryan Gosling is one of the most promising new tools to soothe and heal overexerted muscles before and after a workout. But how do you … Continue Reading

Thomas Jefferson once said: “We never repent of having eaten too little.” With all due respect to the wisdom of one of our Founding Fathers, portion control is an essential part of maintaining a healthy diet. So while you may want to eat those last few bites, eating less may do your better good. That is, … Continue Reading

A common misconception about dairy-free recipes is that they’re not delicious. How can something without cheese or milk possibly taste good? Well, we’re here to tell you that not only can dairy-free recipes taste good, but they can taste just as good as if they included dairy. Using seasonal and fresh ingredients, hearty spices, and lots of … Continue Reading

With our tech gadget of the month, you can no longer hide from your unhealthy habits. One X, the new tech gadget currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo, allows you to hold yourself accountable for your diet and lifestyle choices in real time. When you place the One X in the palm of your hand, the tech … Continue Reading

Let’s start out with your inevitable questions first: Won’t face oils make me break out? Will they leave my face feeling greasy? Do face oils do anything my other beauty products can’t already do? We hear you. The idea of using a face oil scared us at first, too, but let us tell you: there’s no … Continue Reading

You know those people who love hitting the gym hard, day after day, night after night, breaking a sweat for over an hour at a time? Yeah, we don’t know them either. But like everyone else, we do know that cardio workouts are good for us, whether we enjoy them or not. According to the … Continue Reading

True or false: Grabbing an on-the-go green juice or smoothie in the morning is the healthiest breakfast option. While this statement can be true, it can also easily be false depending on what else is in your juice or smoothie. If you’re drinking a green juice, then yes, it more than likely has something healthy inside of … Continue Reading

It’s rare that a great bottle of wine can be made even better, but spiced wine has us convinced. You might know it as mulled wine, but no matter the name, this spicy cocktail is the perfect answer to fall’s chilly evenings. You’ll find hundreds of spiced wine recipes, but this one from SAVEUR is … Continue Reading

I don’t know about you, but if I take vitamin C the minute I feel a cold coming on, I immediately start feeling better. Not sure whether or not it was all in my head, I started wondering how effective vitamin C really is at fighting the common cold. Surprisingly, the results are mixed. Can vitamin … Continue Reading

When it comes to skincare, every person (and every face) is different. Some people wash their face twice a day, while others simply splash theirs with cold water. Maybe you use dozens of products throughout the day and night, or alternatively, perhaps you stick to a single moisturizer to get the job done. If I had … Continue Reading